Home improvement tips for tiny houses

Home improvement tips for tiny house

Tiny houses need a lot of imagination and good ideas to be able to live large in a tiny space.
We have put a few tips, tricks and ideas together to help Tiny homeowners make the most out of the space they have.

Home improvement tips for tiny houses

It is a good idea to opt for an open storage kitchen

Glass doors on kitchen cabinets or open cabinets with no doors at all tend to make your space look bigger in a kitchen.  If you have colorful dishes this adds a bit of cheery brightness to the room as well.
If you design, your kitchen with a counter that can double as an eating space it also optimizes usage.

A three-quarter bath/shower combination

In the bathroom, it is best to keep it white as white gives an illusion of a lot more space and brightens dark areas.
If you opt for a three-quarter tub, and they come in many cute designs some even with jets for a jacuzzi style bath.  It may be small, but most people can squeeze with a shower unit above the bath.
If you put the tub just below the window you have great ventilation and place to put your shampoo.

Bedroom storage

In the bedroom, you can use many different storage ideas to save space such as under the bed storage units.
Behind the door storage and besides shelves that are attached to the wall instead of bedside tables that ten to take up more room. Try overhead lighting attached to an overhead unit you can use for lighting instead of lamps.  This is much like those in an aeroplane.
You can get shoe racks that hang up inside your closet in order to save an extra shelf for your clothes.
Attach a small shelf with a mirror inside a cupboard door to act as a small dressing table.

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