How to improve your bedroom without breaking your bank

Your bedroom your space

A bedroom is not only the place we go to get a good night sleep, but it is also your sacred space where you can disappear for quiet contemplation and relaxation.
You do not have to break the bank to give your bedroom the ultimate make-over either.
We have put together some quick simple and cost-effective ideas that will maximize and spruce up your sacred space.

bedroom improvement tips

Invest in new bedding

You will be amazed what new bedding can do for a room.
It can give the space a completely different look and feel.  You can go from funky to contemporary in a few shades and designs.Instead of having blankets rather go for a duvet, they are more versatile and with two or three different duvet covers you can have a different look in your bedroom every time you change your bedding.You can get some great deals on duvet covers and the duvet inners all you have to do is shop around a bit with the internet at your fingertips you cannot go wrong.

That sunny sitting spot

If you have a nice big window in your room make yourself a nice reading corner.
As most sleep experts will tell you to get rid of distractions from your room that are not conducive to a good night sleep this includes the TV.  So move out that intrusive bit of electronics and move in a comfy wing back sitting chair, load it with throw cushions of all colors and sizes to brighten your space and make it enticing.
Get a nice side table with a few draws and or shelf to stack your latest reads and prop up your tea or coffee.
A nice floor standing light for those night time reads and you have your perfect reading corner.

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