Movies to watch in 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Isla Nublar has sat uninhabited by man for the past four years since dinosaurs escaped containment and wrecked the luxury-themed resort.
The islands dormant volcano begins to come alive Owen and Claire mount a campaign to save the remaining dinosaurs on the island.
Their expedition arrives as lava starts to spit from the volcano but Chris is adamant he is going to find Blue his lead raptor that has been missing in the jungle.
Their expedition, however, runs into trouble when they uncover a conspiracy that could send the world back into an order more dangerous than that of the time the dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunts finds himself in the aftermath of a mission gone leaving the world to face dire consequences.  Determined to fulfil his original assignment and put things to rights Ethan takes it upon himself to do so.In a race against time with his team backing him up, he has to evade the people he is being hunted by.  People such as former allies now turned against him and deadly assassins as he works to prevent a global catastrophe.
This movie has one of the best trailers ever and looks set to be as good as the rest of the Mission Impossible franchise.