Dancer talks about Britney Spears and working on the Twister Dance commercial

Dancin’ Till The World Ends

so a few weeks back i got to audition for a commercial for a new Hasbro Twister Dance game for kids. i went, all ready in my bright disney-like attire in hopes that i would be able to dance and look the part. the hard thing about dancing for tv, film and commercials is a lot of the time it is more about ‘the look’ or what they need rather than the dancing. it’s like a casting for an acting job pretty much. the spokesperson for the game was britney spear so naturally we danced to “Till The World Ends”. it was a blast. lots of girls were there and on the top of their game hoping theyd be what the choreographer, director, and producers needed. well, i made it past the first round and then came back the next day for call backs. there were still a ton of girls they had to sift through. with my big smile on, i danced my heart out. after a long evening of dancing, making cuts, dancing again, making cuts again, over and over, they put us on tape and called it a night.

the next day i kept checking my phone for an email with good news. by lunch time i got an email from my agent asking my availability. that’s a good sign because that means they are considering you. after a few suspenseful hours i received an email saying i booked it! i was BEYOND excited. my first real professional dance job was going to be a commercial dancing behind BRITNEY SPEARS!!

a couple days later we had rehearsal and costume fittings. i was having a blast but it all didn’t seem real. finally, the day of the shoot, i headed to set with my three other dancing friends. of course there was delicious food on set and we got to get our hair and makeup done and had two different looks. i felt like a movie star ;] it still seemed unreal and i was sure i wouldnt believe it until i saw britney in the flesh. well the day continued and britney arrived and we began shooting. what an INCREDIBLE experience it was. it was such a blast to be on set dancing behind britney spears!! she was very sweet to us dancers, asked us our names, thanked us for doing the commercial with her, and goofed around with us in between shots!

what an experience. i am so grateful to have gotten to work with chonique and lisette (the choreographers) and ray kay (the amazing director) and the rest of the wonderful crew. what a dream come true. watch for the international commercial airing this summer!